Work of Quinn Fuca | Digital Campaign ★ Art Direction + UI
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Digital Campaign ★ Art Direction + UI

“Vegas!” is a welcome campaign for MGM Resorts International. The objective of this assignment was to refresh previous platform’s aesthetics, gearing towards a younger demographic while maintaining the initial brand elegance. This 2015 rework delivers an overview of the MGM umbrella properties, moreover, by incorporating a youthful, edgier color palette we were able to juxtapose a strong contrast between muted tones and its neon vibrancy. Since the site is aiming at the international market, the revamped design system serves as a strong visual cue, is expected to provide an easy-to-use, quick summary of the eleven entertainment entities—we also created an MGM world P.O.P., displaying MGM-brand attractions in many metropolitans.

Disciplines: Art Direction, Concept, Design, Digital, Print

CD: Scott McDonald

AD: Quinn Fuca

CW: Dave Carlson

UX: Nuzi Barkatally / Anita Cheung


February 16, 2011


Art Direction, Visual

Art Direction, Concept, Design, Digital, Print