Work of Quinn Fuca | Event Promotion ★ Art Direction + Design
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Event Promotion ★ Art Direction + Design

The ‘Unexpected Cool’ kit is an event promo that celebrates Parents’ Day. The concept touts the idea of Sienna owners who happen to be unexpectedly cool parents. The DM is an unfolding-teaser that reveals the word “PARENTS,” the letters are composed of everyday objects which belong to the hero characters. The campaign was an extension to Toyota’s iconic ‘Swagger Wagon’; and its digital components were designed to drive traffic to a microsite, which then reveals about real parents and social influencers who compare their craft and profession in relation to the features of Sienna model.

Disciplines: Art Direction, Concept, Design, Digital, Print

CD: Ly Nguyen

AD: Quinn Fuca

CW: Richard Tseng


March 15, 2013


Art Direction, Visual

Art Direction, Concept, Design, Digital, Print