Work of Quinn Fuca | Mobile Native ★ UX + UI
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Mobile Native ★ UX + UI

The Los Angeles GoMetro app is an unpopular in-transit utility for L.A. commuters due to its inaccurate schedules and lack of useful features.

In this mobile concept the team and I propose to include more practical tools taken from popular maps apps and revamping the current GoMetro app into a daily necessity for L. A. Metro users.

Disciplines: Discovery, plan, iterations and design


Comparative / Competitive analysis:
Identifying crucial features and creating an MVP for later of the UX process we were able to look at our concept and come up with a gameplan based on the bird’s eye view of maps apps evaluations.

Research summary via online survey and one-on-one interviews: For the ones that do, citizens of L.A. take the Metro because they live in the city and do not want to deal with traffic. That said, many shun away and don’t use the GoMetro app because something like Google Maps proven to be more reliable. About 75% of the surveyed people said they’ve never used the app, coincidentally, it is also about 75% that do not use the public transit.

Concept mapping + User flow + Wire sketches… Basically whiteboards everywhere!

P3_0004_CC+GALLERY 4
P3_0003_CC+GALLERY 3
P3_0005_CC+GALLERY 5

Target audience with transit app utility analysis

Features prioritization / Design styleguide

P3_0008_Features + Design Styleguide

Digital TAP card promo / Add funds onboarding

P3_0011_Digital Prototype
P3_0009_Features + Design AppleWatch

We experimented with using acetate paper cut-outs to for our low-fi paper prototype. Due to the complexity of our app features by having group discussions on usability test among the UI elements we were able to arrange the interface that makes the most sense to our users.

An anatomy of a basic flow on how the redesigned app transitions from one segment to the next. Easy-to-learn layout using just left/ right gates to reveal administrative versus transit features in addition to the pull-up menu that’s interactive en route.

CD: Julian Scaff

ACD: Taylor Ferrari

UX: Quinn Fuca / Desiree Sisneros / Jonathan Narvaez


February 15, 2009


UX, Visual

Concept, Design, Digital, Planning, prototype, Research, UX