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Social Activation ★ UX + Creative Direction

Sasha & John Digweed are two DJs from the U.K. They are considered the early pioneers of the underground House/ Techno scene. The duo toured together since ’93 but has stopped in 2010, and the fans have been waiting for a return due to this drought of their collaborative effort.

This social campaign involves fans worldwide, with DJs submitting tribute mixes and artwork made using archived footages and cinemagraphs. The aim is to circulate traffic and prompts action to a petition landing page. The objective is to reach optimal number of signees by 2018, creating a uniformed voice advocating the two to reunite their legendary tours.

Disciplines: UX, Creative Direction



User research—qualitative data collection from various social media platforms. Pinpointing the cultural influence Sasha and John Digweed have made over the years of their careers.


User Persona: Span across three decades, each persona’s perspective and experience offer unique insights as to why they follow the legendary duo.

b2b2b0523_2_0010______ PERSONA – ARI
b2b2b0523_2_0012______ PERSONA – Jay

Initial concept for social circulation and digital engagement


Sketched mobile version of #SashaDigweedb2b2b —with remixed Delta Heavy documentary footage the gate here prompts each visitor to quickly sign the petition with exclusive DJ mixes and cinemagraphs gallery hosted on Instagram. The idea here is to promote high shareability amongst fans worldwide.

b2b2b0523_0013_____ in-form1
b2b2b0523_0014_____ in-form2

A series of DJs’ mixes are one way to showcase the Sasha & Digweed worldwide followings. The requirement for a tribute mix is simple: incorporate all 7 tracks from the spec sheet below—the selected tracks are meaningful to this campaign because they have been played by both Sasha and John, together and separately. The current sets were recorded in Australia, Ireland, Taiwan and the United States. More exclusives TBA.


CD / UX: Quinn Fuca

PR: Obi Figueroa

Artists: Aaron McLeod / David Ormonde / Mr. Simple / Ivan James


March 1, 2010


Art Direction, UX, Visual

Art Direction, Concept, Design, Digital, Social